My name is Masoud Saberi. I am a scholar man and have invented some machine tools capable of useing in various fields of arts and technology. Some of my in ventions are as follow:

  • Cutting Machine : This marvelous machine tool (named as M-10 Cutting Machine) is a powerful small cutting machine that can be easily used in various artistic and industrial tasks, activities and aims.

  • Industrial Gearbox : Some advantages of this industrial gearbox in compare with existing gearboxes are its smaller size; low wear due to its design that resembles a ball bearing instead of gears possibility of continues change of revolution and direction.
    Technical specification for industrial gearbox :
    1. Compact Size : Comparing with other gearboxes has a smaller size and can be varied for different purposes.
    2. Low Wear : It has been designed in such a way that resembles a ball bearing and hence its low wear charactristics.
    3. Use of Gears : In this gearbox, gears are used only when the required rotation speed are outside the working range, in this case one or two gears may be added.
    4. Gear tooth (kind of rotation): It is possible to obtain continues change of revolution from the working by 20 to 25 r.p.m, it is possible to have infinite divisions between 20 and 25 r.p.m
    5. Right hand and left hand turns: It is possible to change the direction of revolution while the gear box is running

  • The fluent system for steerung wheel of car: This is a system which can be used instead of hydrolic system for steering Whell of the car. Using this system has following advantage:

    • Omitting all equipment related to the hydrolic steering wheel such as Pump and oil, fan belt and etc…
    • Remarkably , being lighter than dydrolic steering wheel.
    • Economizing in energy and fuel consumption.
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