I have invented a full-computerized automated small machine which will certainly cause a big revolution in the field of fine arts and production of precise products. The machine can be used in modeling, reticulation , spark tools, Various components of musical instruments, gilding, wooden industries and talcose and plex glass arts, written and florescent propagandistic tableaus and patterns , cutting clothes for different jobs such as artificial flowers, and many other various cutting fields in industry and art.

The speed of working on a workpiece of one cm thickness is 240cm per minute ; which will more in less thicker work pieces. The machine can also produce very accurate products, So that the biggest default in produced workpiece is only 0.03mm in comparison with drawing feeded to the machine. Range of thickness of workpieces workable on the machine is from 0.1 upto 62 mm. Small size of machine (120x120x95cm) enables the producer to install several machines in a small workshop,and have possibility of series type of production economicaly.

The full automation of the machine also provide possibility of managing 5 machines by a single operator.Work power needed to operate the machine is common Voltage of 220V-1ph-50HZ , which is very economical.Very low cost of manufacture of this machine , cheap consumables and spare parts to operate it, as well as its simple maintenance cost, in comparison with high income earned from it, make this machine a real gain for every operator.

I use this opportunitly for enclosing some pictures of pieces made by this machine . As you can see the quality of job done is very high in comparison with any hand crafted or machine work, so that mass production of this machine enables thousands of operators worldwide to produce fine items with very low cost for themselves and their neighbours and customers , bring beauties of nature and their own mind pictures into their houses and living environment ,and make the world a better place of living.From this date the parquet manufacturers can produce their products with marvelous designs of nice Persion carpets, and mass producers of fine objects can prepare packages of different parts of this objects and sell them in all supermarkets and stores , enabling consumers to assemble their own purchased package in home!

This machine is realy a killer application of computer and mechanical machine , which certainly change our world drastically. I am very glad to have your comments by return mail.

CNC Cutting Machine Technical Specification

DimensionMachine (W * D * H) 1200 x 1200 x 950 (mm)
Working AreaMaximum Cutting Area (X * Y) 235 x 200 (mm)
Weight55 kg
Workpeice1200 * 49 ~ 245 mm
Feed Drives
Motor TypeStepper 5-phase
Step Resolution0.005 mm
Max. Feed Force5 kg/cm
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